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[image description: photo of a white infant in a sleeveless shirt.  The background is blue and to the right of the infant’s photo is white text which reads “My child is not giving me a hard time, my child is having a hard time.]

Can I just say that this sort of made me tear up, because this is the sentiment that I’ve tried to express to a lot of people over the past 6 years (since I first became a parent).  I have had so many people tell me that parents need to nip behavior (like crying) in the bud, despite the fact that guess what? Kids are human! They have needs and wants and the fact is that many kids regardless of age have difficulties communicating and it’s very frustrating. 

Ok, that’s all I have to say about that right now.


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25.Being desperately hungry but too nauseous to eat.


Every morning…

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(tw-suicide) So I’m suicidal. GET OVER IT.

Because it popped up on my dash.

I have a right to want to pop out of existence.

After all the shit this world has put me through, I deserve that much at least.

This doesn’t give you the right to ‘convince’ me otherwise, or tell me I’m wrong, or that it’ll get better.


People who try to comfort me, if you can prevent me from ever facing ableism or dealing with my family ever again, do it and then we’ll chat about my ‘mental instability.’


People shouldn’t get cookies for being decent human beings.

In this case, cookies = ally status.

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So I was thinking…wanna start a big resource blog for writers so that they actually get it right?


The idea would be that people would submit their resumes and they would be posted on the blog, organized/tagged by oppression. (Race, sexuality, disability, etc.) Like it? This is the resume format:

  • How the world perceives me
  • My experiences
  • How I really am

It would be like the following example, only more in-depth.

  • The world thinks I’m a White, Able-bodied, and Female.
  • My experiences have me benefiting from the lack of racism and ableism, but when people find out I’m disabled, I get treated worse. (Like I betrayed them by not disclosing my disability or something.)
  • How I really am is not female and not able-bodied, I’m trans* and disabled.

I’ll post a more finished resume and make the blog later. You could flesh out or leave out whatever you wanted. You could make your resume or parts of your resume private (only you and I’d know) or public. If you wanted me to, I would take down your resume at your request as soon as I received your message.

This will take a lot of time and energy, there will probably be not-nice people who treat you like a germ in a petri dish, and there will probably be little reward. But if you want to do it with me, I’ll be glad to have the help. (After all, I don’t represent everybody!)

This is not a concession that only privileged people get published and therefore we need to either educate them or live with erasure and misrepresentation. While anyone with any privileges would be able to use this directory, the main goal is for marginalized people to help other marginalized people so that we don’t hurt each other (because that’s seriously counter-productive and kind of hypocritical). So with this, we can swap. Male ace helps a lesbian write an ace character; she helps him write a sexual and/or a woman. That kind of thing. Intersectionality could also be addressed (because oppressions aren’t faced in a vacuum;a disabled woman and an able-bodied woman experience sexism differently).

A specific example of that can be found here:

So: anyone like this idea? Have any tweaks? Feedback is appreciated.

Great idea! I suggest you separate stuff out more than that- I’m assuming you will? But like, some stuff will have to float and be recombined and shit. But I figure we can work it out.

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::taps mic:: Testing, testing… is this thing on?


As I’ve continued to browse the autism-related tags on Tumblr over the past year or so, I’ve been noticing something.

Namely: there’s a lot of stuff out there on Tumblr that quite readily disproves the old canard that people on the autism spectrum don’t have a sense of humor.

Seriously. It’s one of those things you hear all the time. ‘Autistic people have no sense of humor.’ And yet anyone who’s actually hung out with an autistic person for any reasonable amount of time will likely realize: it just ain’t true. Sure, our sense of humor may be a bit different from the norm, may be a bit… off-kilter, to put it mildly, but that’s hardly the same as not having no sense of humor at all.

And… well, that’s what this blog’s going to be all about. Mostly, it’ll just be reblogs of amusing stuff that’s been posted by folks on the spectrum. But we might occasionally throw in an original post as well just for kicks. Either way, it’s all going to have two things in common: it’s funny, and it’s by someone on the autism spectrum.

It’s sort of in the same vein as the hilarious but over-a-year-dormant Humourless Feminists, basically. (And, in fact, that blog was pretty much the main inspiration.)

So… greetings! And enjoy. That is, after all, why I created this blog.

(Oh, and any autistic regulars from around Tumblr wanting to be co-moderator? Just ask. If I know you reasonably well, I’ll more likely than not add you to the blog.)


Signal boost!

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Fanfiction Downloader


I just realized not everyone is aware of the existence of this, so I figured I would link this.  It only works for, as far as I’m aware, but it converts any work into pdf, epub, etc. 

I find difficult to read on mobile devices, but ereader programs (like ibooks and the like) are much easier to read.

Why was this not here when I had to copy Tales from the House of the Moon chapter by chapter???

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(TW: Homosexuality presented as a crime)

Esther and Pascaline are fighting for their lives: a few weeks ago a man in Ambam, their small town in Cameroon, went to the police and “denounced” them as lesbians. Overnight, their lives became a living hell: they lost their jobs, their families turned their backs on them and the entire town branded them as “witches that deserve death”.

They are facing trial in 2 days and they need our help. Two courageous lawyers are willing to defend them in court and to make sure they find safe housing, away from the violence and daily death threats.

Just $5,000 is enough to cover travel costs and legal fees, with a little money left over to support Esther and Pascaline while they try to turn their lives around. Without our support, it could take months to gather the money, but Esther and Pascaline can’t wait that long.

If we all chip in just few dollars each, we can give Esther and Pascaline a legal defense, and hope for their futures. The trial begins Thursday, in just 2 days. If you can, please contribute now, we don’t have a moment to lose:

Do you remember Alice N’Kom? You recently stood with her to defend human rights in Cameroon. Alice is a friend of All Out and one of the only lawyers in Cameroon defending people arrested for the “crime” of homosexuality. Alice and her colleague have agreed to defend these women at their trial - one that could set a key precedent for the broader fight to decriminalize homosexuality in Cameroon.

Alice just told us, “I’m really worried for Esther and Pascaline. They can no longer go out in the streets without hearing insults - Witches! Witches! You should burn like witches! - and they have already been threatened to death, even by their own family.” 

"Esther wrote me a text late at night, urging me to help her escape from their town." But Alice and her colleagues work on a tiny budget, and because Esther and Pascaline live in a remote part of Cameroon, they cannot cover these expenses without putting the rest of their important work at risk.

"I’ve seen what All Out members can do when they stand together. We cannot let Esther and Pascaline down." If all of us give just $5, we can raise $5,000 in just few hours and make sure Esther Pascaline have a legal defense and can quickly move to a safe location.

Thanks for your support,
Alberto, Andre, Erika, Flavia, Guillaume, Jasmin, Jeremy, Joseph, Tile, and Wesley


1. All Out Members Respond to Anti-Gay crackdown in Cameroon

2. Cameroon in ‘first’ lesbian charges

3. Lesbians arrested in Cameroon for homosexual acts

[trigger warning: ableism, ableist slurs] I’ve started to realize that any intelligence judgment is inherently ableist…



…and possibly classist, and usually racist and/or sexist. “Intelligence” as a concept has been determined by privileged, nondisabled upper class hetero white men. The entire canon of psychology and mental illness literature is 99% people like that.

When a person uses words that judge intelligence like idiot, stupid, dumb, etc., it is about a very specific type of “intelligence”; that is, the socially accepted kind. There’s no room for people who experience the world differently, such as autistic people or people with PTSD.

An example: Sometimes I hang out with some people who like to play board games. There are occasional moments when I just totally blank and forget some rule for my turn. It’s a combination of PTSD and depression causing some cognitive dissonance, so I need a moment to “catch my breath” and think. But because my type of intelligence or processing the world is generally not accepted, I’m rushed into going ahead and playing— which means I usually end up making a mistake and looking a fool.

I know people with Fibro and other chronic issues which create problems like sensory overload or “brain fog”…and these people are incredibly intelligent. It’s just that the society around them does not have space for the different ways in which they approach the world.

There’s also some long histories and traditions of lack-of-intelligence-or-“sense” being prescribed on People of Color, women, and non-heterosexual and non-binary people. It is all there— if you’re not white and hetero, you or people before you have probably been called “crazy”. And it’s not like it is just simple name-calling; a lot of people have been tortured, maimed, and killed for being different. If you are into social justice of any kind, you should be concerned about how intelligence and mental disorder are prescribed to discredit and hurt minority peoples.

So yeah. I’ve begun to question it any time I see intelligence judgements (especially in politics, those happen ALL of the time with democrats and republicans). Because ignorance is not mental illness. Bigotry and hate is not mental illness. People doing what you don’t like is not mental illness either. And some of us aren’t even ill, we’re just different.

Very true.

THIS. Please read this, dtwps!

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Question for touch-sensitive (don’t have to be autistic) people?




(TW: Mosquitos, bug bites)

Do you feel it when a mosquito bites you? Because I’m pretty touch sensitive and I never feel it…

I’m fairly touch sensitive, but at the same time, I’m also fairly unaware of my body.  I don’t feel it when I’m bitten.

^^^ I’m the exact same way. 

I’m touch-sensitive, but I’ve never felt a mosquito bite.

Thanks for your responses!

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Why I selected the title “disabled by culture”.  I don’t know.  There is a lot of reasons.

  • I think that western culture (patriarchy) is a caustic substance.  I think it injures people.
  • I think that in a lot of cases patriarchy makes people with various disabilities (especially mental disabilities) feel degraded and ashamed.
  • I think that what we experience as a disability is actually a part of the natural spectrum of human diversity.
  • I think that the “disease model” embraced by western doctors is useful up to a point, but also a sociological disaster.

What does it mean to be “healthy”? The default meaning of healthy is something like “You’re healthy if your body and/or your consciousness is adaptable to life in western culture. Otherwise you’re the problem, not the culture. The culture is never the problem. The culture is by definition healthy and good. Get that through your head. Right? You can’t blame the culture for this predicament you’re in. You’ve just got a disability.” Yes, I do have a disability, actually quite a few of them unfortunately.  

In my case, it’s very much like the physical pain and the difficulties which I experience have only congealed together as “Disability” because of culture. I’m disabled because of culture, because of what the culture has done to me and because of what the culture is. Otherwise I would just be “limited” or “restricted in what I could do,” but still “healthy,” and capable of doing certain things, and conceptualized by others as normal and as a good and valuable person within my local community.  

And so that is why I called the blog “disabled by culture”. I am not an expert on the topic of disability, more like an advanced beginner.

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Are Exoskeletons “Ableist?”

Photo - A man holding an exoskeleton suit in front of a lady in wheelchair

Argument: The technology of the Ekso assumes able-bodied advantage, and so works to fit the impaired body into an ableist environment. The impaired body is, by implication, devalued.

Counterargument: In a sense, our current effort to recognize the needs of the disabled is by making the man-made environment itself a tool to make a person’s disability less disabling. Any structure or system that makes the life of a person with a disability easier is an act of recognition that those with disabilities have immense value.


That is a question…

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Question for touch-sensitive (don’t have to be autistic) people?

(TW: Mosquitos, bug bites)

Do you feel it when a mosquito bites you? Because I’m pretty touch sensitive and I never feel it…

On Ableism In Media


So those of you who know me know that I lean pretty far left on political and social issues, as well as economic ones.

So when I talk about Mitt Romney in a way that doesn’t poke fun at him in this post, you know I have some serious feels.

The issue I take concerning Romney is not the man himself (for the purposes of this post) but his portrayal in popular media. Romney is often described as cold, aloof, stiff, and unable to connect with people- as having difficulty understanding alternative viewpoints, and being unemotional.

Which is incredibly offensive because you’d THINK that was a description of autism if I pulled it out of context.

The manner in which Romney has been portrayed has turned hallmark problems autistics deal with into political liabilities and, more importantly, personal faults. If Romney can’t connect with people, he is a bad person. If he can’t understand other viewpoints, he is a bad person. The list continues.

THE MAN IS NOT ‘ALOOF’ OR ‘COLD’ ANYWAY- HE IS JUST A DOUCHEBAG. And to focus on his demeanor (which is the result of his being a douchebag and not the result of his being unable to connect with people) as the reason people dislike him distracts from actual issues with his electability- like his changing sides on relevant issues, or his shady finances. The man has been described by friends as being fun and interesting. He is not incapable of connecting with people. He is a douche.

This mixing up of character traits only serves to perpetuate the idea that the things which make autistics autistic are bad and wrong, and the media’s treatment of Mitt Romney is certainly not its only ableist feature. My identity is not a crutch on which criticism of a candidate for president should rest.

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