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(Warning- I’m about to rant) Why plurals/otherkin/fictives/etc. will probably NEVER trust non-plurals/otherkin/fictives/etc.

TW: Ableist language and erasure.

Why? Because you people have a limit. A point past which you will not believe us.

Because we’re just messing around.

Because we don’t REALLY believe that.

Because the plural thing was okay, but fictives? That’s where you have to draw the line.

Because we’re just trying to be special snowflakes.

Because we’re not really being oppressed.

Because otherkin are really just privileged bastards who want to ignore their (obvious!) privileges.

Because we’re all really white kids who have nothing better to do. And we’re straight. And cis. And don’t experience dysphoria whatsoever. And are rich. And common-bodied. And want to make your spaces ALL ABOUT US.

Because we’re just brats that you can dismiss offhand as either crazy or immature.

Because, even if we get you to get it for even a second, you can still take it all back and attribute it to a ‘liberal phase’ you were having.

That’s why we can’t trust you. Fuck you, anti-otherkin tumblrites. Fuck you.

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