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If you don’t know what being neurotypical (or not, in my case) means, this might help:

Required Reading:
"In my opinion the problem is not the people that don’t fit in. The problem is not even those who really do ‘flaunt it’ or base a lifestyle around being different. The problem is not that some single issue is not being accepted by the general public. The problem is that it’s considered wrong to be different. The problem is that all sorts of behaviour and ways of being that in actuality physically hurt no one are considered wrong or bad or of less value that another set of behaviours which are only arbitrarily or traditionally or accidentally in place but are due to those reasons considered the norm.

"There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex of any kind with any other consenting person or people. Sex is a pleasurable thing. There is nothing wrong with talking about the fact that you enjoy such sex. Sex should not be shameful. Not having sex should not be shameful. Only having a certain kind of sex should not be shameful because there is no actual logical reason for it to be so except the arbitrary / traditional taboos within our society.

"There is nothing wrong with loving any person or group of people. There is nothing wrong with not loving any one. There is nothing wrong with being true to your feelings. One type of relationship is not better or worse than any other kind. It is not shameful to be open about who you love, it is a human need to talk about the people one cares about (but it is also not shameful to decide one does not have this need).

"There is nothing wrong with holding any kind of identity. There is nothing intrinsically bad or shameful about only feeling comfortable presenting in a way that is (entirely arbitrarily of course) deemed to be inappropriate for one age, gender or species. There is no inherent harm or shame in expressing that one is what one identifies as. There is no shame in sharing a body with many others, there is no harm in sharing your body with no one, there is no shame in being more complex than that. There is nothing intrinsically harmful about being inconsistent in one’s identity, there is nothing harmful in bad about radically changing one’s identity or expression of identity with time."

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